- Creative Wanderer 

-Fin- EP available on all streaming platforms

"If you're a fan of artists like Sade and Norah Jones, you'll love this new EP from Gisun...whose minimalist music is inspired by jazz and soul. Her sound is absolutely captivating and charming..."

-Roots Music Canada

"Gisun is able to mix her Uruguayan background with various forms of music. The end result is nothing short of spectacular. Fin usually means end or ending. I hope that this is not the end, and there is much more stunning music to come from this very talented artist."

-Spill Magazine

"Jazz inspired acoustic pop reminiscent of Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell."

​-Verbrilli Recordings


Singer | Songwriter | Vocalist 

Gisun 지선 is a Canadian singer-songwriter influenced by her Uruguayan background and South Korean roots to showcase her own style of latin and soul-inspired music. Her songs weave together stories that reflect distinct chapters and stages of life. Since 2017, she has released three EP's: Suspiras, Partes, and Fin in collaboration with musicians and sound engineers in New York, Spain, Toronto, and Vancouver. Currently, Gisun is working on her first full-length album with musicians from all over the world. Thank you for reading, listening and following along on her musical journey @gisunmusic.


Gisun 지선 es una cantautora Canadiense con influencias de sus raíces Uruguayas y Coreanas, demostrando su propio estilo musical latino e inspiraciones de soul. Sus canciones tejen cuentos que reflejan capítulos distintos de la vida. Desde el 2017, ha lanzado 3 EP's: Suspiras, Partes, y Fin en colaboración con músicos e ingenieros de sonido en Nueva York, España, Toronto, y Vancouver. Ahora, Gisun esta trabajando en su primer album completo con músicos de varios países del mundo. Gracias por leer, escuchar y seguir su viaje musical @gisunmusic.

A Musical Journey 

Exploring Creative Depths 

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