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Gisun 지선

Árbol Azul available on all streaming platforms

"If you're a fan of artists like Sade and Norah Jones, you'll love this new EP from Gisun...whose minimalist music is inspired by jazz and soul. Her sound is absolutely captivating and charming..."

-Roots Music Canada

"Gisun is able to mix her Uruguayan background with various forms of music. The end result is nothing short of spectacular. Fin usually means end or ending. I hope that this is not the end, and there is much more stunning music to come from this very talented artist."

-Spill Magazine

"Jazz inspired acoustic pop reminiscent of Norah Jones and Joni Mitchell."

​-Verbrilli Recordings



Singer | Songwriter | Vocalist 

Gisun 지선 is a multicultural Canadian artist. Having studied at the New School and Berklee, her songwriting in both English and Spanish revolves around latin and soul-inspired music. Through her experiences navigating themes of identity, heritage and belonging, she creates community connectivity and healing through music. 


Since 2017, she has released three EP's: Suspiras, Partes, and Fin in collaboration with musicians and sound engineers in New York, Valencia, Toronto, Vancouver, and Mexico. Her single release, Gracias a la Vida, has been featured on numerous CBC Music programs as well as on the Strombo Show. Gisun performed at the Pan American Games in Toronto, Carnaval del Sol, Vancouver Car Free Day Festival, Sofar Sounds (Toronto, Seattle, & Vancouver), and Vancouver Pride Festival. Gisun released her first full-length album with musicians from around the globe such as Amanda Martinez, Alper Tuzcu, and Sebastián Prada. On her album launch tour, she opened for the iconic Aterciopelados and Los Rumberos.

A Musical Journey 

Exploring Creative Depths 

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